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Luraco i9 MAX Standard vs Special

Luraco i9 MAX Standard vs Special

Luraco is a renowned brand in the massage chair industry, offering high-quality and innovative products. In this comparison, we will explore the differences between the Luraco I9 MAX Standard Edition and the Special Edition, highlighting their unique features and shared capabilities.

Design and Features:

    Luraco I9 Standard Edition:

    • Non-split SL track design with a single engine.
    • USB charging functionality for convenient device charging.
    • Moveable armrests, ideal for easy access and accommodating seniors or individuals with disabilities.
    • 3D Butterfly Massage Mechanism, delivering a deep and smooth massage experience.
    • 8" auto foot extension, catering to users up to 6'10" in height and 300lbs in weight.
    • 22" seat width, providing extra room compared to most models in the market.

    Luraco I9 Special Edition:

    • Split SL track design with two engines, offering enhanced massage coverage and versatility.
    • Wireless charging capability, eliminating the need for cables.
    • Blood Pressure Monitor for monitoring vital health parameters during massage sessions.
    • Personalized logo on headrest and remote, adding a touch of exclusivity.

    Massage Capabilities:

    • Both models share several massage features:
    • 9 Auto Programs, allowing users to choose from a variety of pre-programmed massage routines.
    • Complete Manual mode for spot massage and intensity adjustments, providing customization options.
    • 5 Levels of Depth, 5 Levels of Speed, and 3 Levels of Width, enabling users to tailor the massage experience.
    • Voice Control in 7 languages and relaxing music playback, enhancing the overall relaxation.

    Warranty and Manufacturing:

    • Both the Standard and Special Editions come with a 5-year warranty for parts and 3 years for labor.
    • Premium leather upholstery with a 10-year warranty, setting Luraco apart from many other brands.
    • Luraco is the only massage chair brand made in America, proudly manufactured in Arlington, Texas. They actively engage with the local community, including donations to organizations such as the recent contribution to a 911 dispatch center.

      The Luraco I9 MAX Standard Edition and Special Edition offer exceptional massage experiences with unique features. While the Standard Edition provides a solid foundation with its non-split SL track and USB charging, the Special Edition introduces additional benefits such as the split SL track, wireless charging, blood pressure monitor, and personalized branding. Both models share a comprehensive set of massage capabilities, including customizable modes, voice control, and user memory options. With Luraco's commitment to premium quality and community engagement, they continue to be a trusted and reliable brand in the massage chair market.

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