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I suffer from chronic pain, and the Xrest is a godsend. The 4D+ massage and advanced features target my pain points effectively. It's not cheap, but it's priceless for anyone dealing with persistent discomfort. 4/5 Stars just because the delivery team was rude but that's probably because im from new york.

Love it

Premium massage chair. My traps get very sore from work and this is the only chair I tried that comes close to hitting that spot! Many other features as well. 100% recommended for those looking for a great upper body massage

Was Skeptical of the Technology but Proven Wrong!

What can I say! The body scanning technology and AI programming enable the exact targeting of problem regions. The combination of heated rollers, air compression, and massage techniques produces remarkable therapeutic effects. This chair has truly astonished me! the chair delivers exactly what I need

The Perfect Recovery Companion

Bought this last month since I am a professional athlete, and recovery is crucial to my performance. My daily routine now wouldn't be complete without the Osaki OP-AI Xrest 4D+ Massage Chair. In order to target muscle discomfort and promote quicker healing, the 4D massage rollers and air compression work together. It is like having a home-based personal sports therapist!

Kyota Kaizen M680 3D/4D Massage Chair - Certified Pre-Owned
Daniel Wanki
Little to no back heat

The chair is too narrow and does not provide a good neck massage. Thigh massage is nonexistent. The back heat works intermittently and does not get hot enough. I reached out to the manufacturer and they said that it was designed to work that way. If I had to spend similar money on a massage chair, it will definitely not be this one or anything from the Infinity/Kyota family.


I love this chair and use it twice a day. After using it my body feels lighter and pain free.

Kyota Kaizen M680 3D/4D Massage Chair
Catherine Maloney
A bit difficult to put together

It was a bit difficult to put together because things didn’t line up too easily on one side. The directions were OK, sometimes the videos and written instructions weren’t specific enough. The electrical attachments from arm piece to chair were easy to assemble but one kept coming apart. I believe it’s still off as the arm controls don’t work but we weren’t willing to take it alll apart again to see if we could fix it. The controller works just fine. Compared to our other massage chair (sharper image) it gives a better massage everywhere but the neck. Overall we’re happy with it.

I mostly love this chair

I love the heat feature, which is an option for your legs, seat, and back. One drawback though was that I was under the impression that there would be a massage feature on the leg portion and there is not. You will only have the massage feature in the back and in the seat. When I wake up feeling pain from a rough night of sleep, I like to either use the massage or stretch feature and I always feel better.

Feels amazing on my back

After the assembling process and sitting in this chair, I knew it was worth the long wait. Having a tense back and shoulders from over the years has made it difficult to work without a random stinging pain. After one week of using this chair, those stings have seemed to go away. Being able to use it freely daily is splendid, the added special massage techniques are just a bonus allowing me to use it uniquely each time. I have felt very relaxed since I received it, it makes me feel comfortable putting me in a wonderful mood. Way happier than I expected.

Beyond my expectations

I can't express enough how much I adore the Osaki DuoMax. What sets this chair apart for me is the 8 massage rollers and the deep stretching with inversion therapy. Most of the other chairs I tried only use one set of rollers, and you can really feel the difference with 2 sets. Plus, the DuoMax is a Dual Track massage chair which means it can recline much further than most other chairs. I spend a lot of time on my feet, and it feels incredible to get my legs worked on at the same time as my back after a long day. And, if you like a strong foot and leg massage, this chair definitely delivers! I can feel the tension melting away in my calves and feet right away. This chair has truly been a game-changer in my life, and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I wholeheartedly recommend the DuoMax to anyone in need of daily relaxation and rejuvenation.

Just Blissful

I recently invested in the DuoMax massage chair, and it has completely transformed my relaxation routine. This innovative chair boasts not one but two powerful mechanisms that work in tandem to deliver an unparalleled massage experience.
What sets this massage chair apart is its dual functionality, offering a diverse range of massage techniques simultaneously. The combination of rolling and kneading motions creates a dynamic and immersive sensation that targets muscle tension with precision. Whether I'm seeking a gentle, soothing massage or a more invigorating therapy session, this chair adapts to my needs seamlessly.
The dual mechanisms work in harmony to provide a full-body massage that feels incredibly lifelike. The rollers move along the contours of my back, mimicking the skilled hands of a professional masseuse. The kneading action complements the rolling, effectively easing knots and promoting relaxation.
One standout feature is the customizable intensity levels for each mechanism. I can adjust the strength of the rolling and kneading independently, allowing for a tailor-made massage experience. This level of customization ensures that the chair caters to individual preferences, making it suitable for anyone in the household.
The chair's ergonomic design enhances the overall comfort, and the strategically placed airbags provide additional support to key areas such as the shoulders, arms, and legs. The air compression, combined with the dual mechanisms, creates a sensation that is both therapeutic and indulgent.
Navigating through the chair's settings is a breeze with the user-friendly control panel. It offers a variety of preset programs, each designed to address specific needs such as stress relief, muscle recovery, or overall relaxation. The inclusion of a heat therapy option adds an extra layer of comfort, melting away tension and promoting a sense of tranquility.
In conclusion, the dual mechanism massage chair has become an indispensable part of my self-care routine. Its innovative design, customizable features, and dual-action capabilities make it a standout choice for those seeking a truly immersive and rejuvenating massage experience. If you're looking to elevate your relaxation game, this chair is a must-have that brings double the bliss to your well-being journey

Ultimate Stretch

I recently purchased the Solis massage chair, and let me tell you, it has completely exceeded my expectations! One of its standout features is the incredible stretch function, making it a true game-changer in the world of relaxation.
The stretch function is nothing short of amazing. It offers a unique and rejuvenating experience that goes beyond traditional massage chairs. The chair uses a combination of airbags, rollers, and precise movements to stretch and decompress the entire body. Whether you've had a long day at work or an intense workout, the stretch function provides a perfect release for tight muscles and tension.
What I love most about this massage chair is its versatility. The stretch program is customizable, allowing me to target specific areas or enjoy a full-body stretch session. The chair takes you through a sequence of movements, gently elongating and flexing muscles from head to toe. It's like having a personal stretching coach right in your living room!
The airbags work in harmony with the rollers to provide a full-body stretch that feels both invigorating and therapeutic. I've noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and overall well-being since incorporating the stretch function into my daily routine.
Not only does the chair deliver an amazing physical experience, but it also has a range of additional features that enhance the overall massage experience. From heated rollers to customizable intensity levels, this chair has thought of everything to ensure a personalized and relaxing session every time.
The sleek design and user-friendly control panel add to the chair's appeal. It seamlessly blends into my living space, and the controls are intuitive, allowing me to tailor the massage to my liking.
In conclusion, if you're looking for a massage chair with an exceptional stretch function, this is the one to get. It's a fantastic investment in your well-being, providing a level of relaxation and muscle relief that you didn't know you needed. Say goodbye to tension and hello to a new level of comfort and rejuvenation

Miracle Worker

My wife and I are very pleased with our purchase and are really enjoying this massage chair. After working decades in the construction field, I've developed herniated discs with terrible neck muscle spasms and debilitating flare ups and lower back pain. I was considering getting an inversion table but when I learned about this massage chair and its many capabilities, I realized this would be a much better investment that my wife could greatly benefit from as well. We've been using the Solis for several weeks now and it doesn't disappoint. After doing extensive research, I found that there are very few massage chairs that can perform true inversion therapy. This chair goes further than most with 190-degree inversion stretch. Most chairs don't go beyond 165 degrees at the most which is why I chose this chair. The heating elements on the back and legs work wonders to help me relax when I'm feeling extra tense. And my spine starts flaring up again. Aside from the amazing stretch, some of my other favorite features are full body air compression, foot and leg rollers, and the deep tissue massage. The best part about this chair is its lasting effects. I've stopped complaining about my back and neck pain because I feel so much better than I have in years. Everything about this chair is so soothing and relaxing, I can literally feel the pain melting away. If you're suffering with back pain and need a solution that doesn't require surgery or medication, I'd highly recommend making this long-term investment. It was worth every penny

Pinnacle of Relaxation

The Osaki Solis 4D is a marvel of modern massage technology. It stands out with its 4D massage rollers that deliver an exceptionally deep and customizable massage. The zero-gravity feature, coupled with a comprehensive range of massage styles, provides a weightless, all-encompassing massage experience. The chair's intuitive control panel and Bluetooth speakers for music add to the overall luxury. Its larger footprint may not be suitable for smaller spaces, but for those with ample room, the Solis 4D is an investment in unparalleled relaxation and comfort.

Deepest Stretch Ever

The super stretch is by far the best feature of the chair. No other chair out there has the depth of this one and it really relieved a lot of tension in my lower back.
Would really recommend this chair for anyone with lower back issues

Best High End Chair on the market. Stretch is insane

The Solis looks sleek, but WOW does it do a number with the stretch function.

Definitely the best stretch on the market. Loved everything about it, from the deep back massage to the foot rollers. So good for an aching lower back!

Human touch tracks at massage chair

I read as many reviews online as I could. I tried not to compare prices. When I found the features i, personally needed the gravis chair came out on top. I bought the chair, and paid extra to have it delivered and set up in the small space I had cleared in the art space I have. It worked. I have Never purchased anything at such a price for my own benefit. I am managing pain from an autoimmune disorder with the use of this chair, acupuncture by a board certified doctor who has training in Chinese medicine. I also use ice, and heat for flares. Aloe and Leader for my skin. This combination of equipment and topicals has me feeling so improved. I am motivated to continue to work with a more outside the box approach to my health issues, because I have had improvement in all areas of my life . I have a genetic malabsorbtion issue that keeps me from taking any narcotics, anti virals,anti inflammatories, and antibiotic. This chair has provide immeasurable relief for me. I can't thank everyone who helped along the way while the chair travelled its way across the country to me!

High five

Who in the right mind literally was it about the wood grain feed some homeless people I literally don’t understand what is wrong with people $50,000 on a freaking chair


Very easy to put together. Very well built, very powerful massage. Only thing is foot size limited to about size 12

Pretty good

Chair is relaxing. Doesn’t have as many features nor does it get deeply into the back as much as other chairs I have used. Too intense on other areas ( the calves and feet even with the adjustment available). Expensive for the options and lack of flexibility .


What a chair, I’m in it 3-4 times a day. I wish I bought one sooner. Outstanding!

Eight month review

After eight months, I’ve learned how to get the best out of my massage chair to give me more than what I even thought of. I can really appreciate it now.


been utilizing it daily. I'm still getting used to all of its features. But overall, I would rate it as a 5/5. Should be the best chair in the market right now. Thank you for assisting me in this purchase!

Highly Recommended

Everyone in our family uses this chair on a daily basis. Guests also love sitting in it while visiting Definitely worth the long-term investment for the wellness of my back. The 4D rollers aren't just a marketing gimmick either; this device can roll in amazing up, down, out, and circular patterns. I strongly recommend it if you can afford it.

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