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Fathers Day Gift Guide - Massage Chairs - Sale

2023 Fathers Day Gift Guide - Shop Massage Chairs

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation than by treating your dad to the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation? At, we have curated a collection of top-quality massage chairs that are perfect for creating the ultimate dad's retreat. Whether your dad is in need of deep tissue relief, customized massages, or advanced features, our Father's Day Gift Guide has got you covered. 
    1. Osaki HighPointe: Perfect for Dads - Fits up to 6'5" and 260lbs! The Osaki HighPointe is the ultimate massage chair designed specifically for dads. With its impressive features, it has earned the top spot for deep tissue massage. This chair offers three stages of zero gravity positioning, allowing for a weightless sensation that enhances the massage experience. The HighPointe also includes six heating zones, including a shawl for the front torso area, ensuring a cozy and soothing experience. What sets it apart is the advanced calf and foot rollers, which have been rated the best foot massage at Osaki Headquarters. Give your dad the gift of relaxation with the Osaki HighPointe!
    2. Kyota Yosei M898: Incredible Leg Massage - Fits up to 6'6" and 300lbs! The Kyota Yosei is a massage chair that will truly impress your dad. Designed to accommodate taller and heavier individuals, it can comfortably fit someone up to 6'6" and 300lbs. This chair is known for its amazing leg massage, thanks to the calf kneading feature and advanced 4D Massage Mechanism. The 49" L track ensures a comprehensive massage that covers a larger portion of the body, providing a deeply relaxing experience. Even better, it's currently on sale for $4,999, making it a great value for such exceptional features.

    3. Osaki Xrest: Customized Massage Experience - Fits up to 6'6" and 300lbs! For a truly personalized massage experience, the brand new Osaki Xrest is the perfect choice. This massage chair is designed to fit individuals up to 6'6" and 300lbs. It boasts a one-of-a-kind shoulder massager, providing targeted relief to one of the most common areas of tension. The 4D advanced Massage Mechanism ensures a deep and invigorating massage, while the 7 levels of adjustment allow for customized intensity. What sets the Xrest apart is the advanced muscle tension detector that reads your body and creates a massage based on your body tension. Give your dad the gift of a tailored massage with the Osaki Xrest!

    4. Luraco i9 MAX Special Edition: Luxurious and Versatile - Fits up to 6'10" and 300lbs! The Luraco i9 MAX Special Edition is a massage chair that offers the ultimate luxury and versatility. It can accommodate individuals up to 6'10" and 300lbs, making it perfect for taller and heavier dads. The patented 3D Butterfly Mechanism ensures a deep tissue massage that targets even the most stubborn knots and tension. The Split L Track design provides exceptional coverage, reaching from the neck all the way down to the glutes. With its easy-to-use touchscreen control and over-the-wifi updates, this chair offers a seamless user experience. The powered stretch feature and amazing full leg and foot massage with calf kneading complete the package. You can even engrave a special note for your father on the chair, adding a personal touch to this extraordinary gift.

    5. Osaki Ekon+: Enhanced Comfort and Functionality - Fits up to 6'5" and 260lbs! The Osaki Ekon+ massage chair combines enhanced comfort and functionality, making it a perfect choice for dads. It accommodates individuals up to 6'5" and 260lbs, ensuring a comfortable experience. With its user-friendly design and easy-to-use remote control, your dad can effortlessly customize his massage settings. The Ekon+ offers 5 levels of the 4D Massage mechanism, providing deep tissue relief to target muscle tension. It also features a 2-stage zero gravity function that enhances relaxation. Treat your dad to the ultimate in comfort and relaxation with the Osaki Ekon+ massage chair.

This Father's Day, go above and beyond to make your dad feel truly appreciated. Explore our handpicked selection of massage chairs at, and give your dad the gift of ultimate relaxation. Show him how much you care with a gift that will provide him with countless moments of comfort and rejuvenation! 


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